Come and enjoy nature with us! This is a guide for our nature based program services. Café Eväsretket/Kalastusretket offer you a different kind of nature based activities, from fishing to hiking, relaxing and enjoying good food. Excursions vary from 1 hour to several or mutli-day experience packages. We arrange excursions from reservation. We offer also general trips for affordable prices.

Prices vary from the length of the journey, number of persons and activities included, and possible accommodation. We are willing to fulfill our customers wishes for accommodation on overnight trips. Your opitonal choise would be maybe a tent, hammock, cottage, guest house or a hotel. Naturally the reservation situation effects our accommodation offering.

Short trips 1h-Day

On this page you see trips that we have planned for year 2021.


Picnic in nature

Paddling and fishing

Other activities

Multi day trips

Contact us and ask and we will build you an unforgettable nature holiday! For your wishes, we make multi-day excursions by appointment. Accommodations can at their cheapest be in our own tents, we can rent tents or hammocks and sleeping bags. Through us, you can also book cottages, wilderness cabins or modern villas. There are several hostels, barn accommodation in the Koli area and excursions are also possible with us from the hotel. Excursions can include transportations, guide services, and meals of the day.


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