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Fishing at Musta Mäntyjärvi

Set off to catch a huge pike-perch at Musta Mäntyjärvi. Musta Mäntyjärvi is a lake surrounded by approximately 50 ha of forest, and large pike-pike and perch swim in the depths of the lake. The fish have upper and lower measurements, and any fish thin these limits can be caught. The use of motors is prohibited in the area, and fishing takes place from the shores or fishing kayaks. The site has a sense of wilderness where you can enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, prepare food on an open fire and stay the night in a hut or tent. The price of the excursion includes transportation, canoeing and fishing guidance at the beginning of the excursion, a fishing permit for Musta Mäntyjärvi, a fish management fee, and the use of the rest area and hut. As optional services, you can purchase the services of a fishing guide for the duration of the excursion, catering services (breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening snack), and hire a fishing kayak, canoe, fishing equipment, a sleeping bag, and a tent sauna.  Participants are personally responsible for weather-appropriate clothing. We also carry out day excursions to the site, and you can enquire from us about any accommodation options in the nearby area.

Musta Mäntyjärvi – Rent a lake

Musta Mäntyjärvi is our own excursion destination, primarily intended for fishers, but you can also enjoy the nature in many ways. In addition to fishing, the area is well-suited for lake canoeing, camping, gathering berries and mushrooms, or hiking in nearby forests. It is a short distance away from Patvinsuo national park, and even the Ruuna camping area is just a few dozen kilometres away.

In addition to Musta Mäntyjärvi, there are several other small lakes nearby, where you can also test your luck in fishing. There are also several rivers in the nearby area for fishers and canoers. Some of which are well-suited for excursion canoeing, some are more challenging due to the lack of water during dry periods and beaver dams. However, our guides will provide those interested with advice on suitable canoeing routes during different seasons. If necessary, we shall arrange transportation and a canoeing instructor for the routes.

At Musta Mäntyjärvi, our customers have access to a camping area, including a campfire place, an outdoor dining area, a large hut, a firewood shed and outdoor toilets. The hut can accommodate approximately 15 people to dine at once. The hut can also be used for accommodation, the max. number of participants is 6 people. The area also has good opportunities to accommodate yourselves in tents. Customers can accommodate themselves in their own tents, or you can rent tents and sleeping bags from us. We also hire fishing equipment, kayaks, canoes, floating rings, and a tent sauna. Upon order, we shall organise catering and other activities at the site.

Musta Mäntyjärvi is an independent fishing location to which Kalastusretket sells permits. Only one group can access the lake at once to go fishing, so when you book this excursion for yourself, no other fishermen than those from your group will be at the lake.

At Musta Mäntyjärvi, you can enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. In principle, fishing takes place either in fishing kayaks or from the shore. The use of floating rings and rowing boats is also possible; the use of motors while fishing is prohibited. Thus, you can listen to the sounds of nature at the lake. Typically, in the summer, they include the noises of the loons, of which there are several swimming around. Beavers will also often appear at dusk. All of Finland’s large predator species lice in the area, but seeing them is very rare.

Fishing focuses on fish species naturally present in lakes, and the most desired ones are perch and pike-perch. Pike-perch have a lower and upper measurement in the lake, and perch has an upper measurement. Check with the guide about the size of fish you can catch, and free any upper or lower measurement fish back in the lake.

Rent a whole lake

Whole lake for private use
from 100
  • Camping area rental price with fishing license from 100 € / 24 h
  • Check the price of your group by pressing the button below. The price changes according to the group size


Reservations by phone
  • Fishing kayak 50 € / 24 h (1 person)
  • Duo Kayak € / 24 h (1-2 persons)
  • Row boat included in rent (1-3 persons)

There is a campfire place with dry toilets in Lake Musta Mäntyjärvi Area, but the facilities are locked. Their price belongs to the Lake Renters. If you are going without a guide, you can ask for a key by calling to our number: +358 44-0101143. Inquiries about kayak and canoe rentals can also be made to the same number.