Season trip

Kayak angling in lake Koitere or hiking in Alakoitajoki hiking route 26.10.2019

This is the last trip of summer season  2019. We arrage transportation to the destination and back. There are two options to choose from

Hiking in Ala-Koitajoki

Hiking in Ala-koitajoki hiking route. Kalastusretket take hikers to Pamilonkoski where hikers can walk to the destination of their choice; Tiaisenkoski ( 3,5 km) or Mäntykoski ( 8,5 km) Kalastusretket pick up hikers after 4-5 hours hiking.  If our customers like, we can give  GPS- locators, which we use to find hikers when needed.  Price for transportation is 40 € / hlö

Fishing on lake Koitere

Kayak and canoe fishing on lake Koitere with local fishing guide. We fishing near by the ground, because water is very cold and that is safety. If someone like to go deeper areas, we can rent also wet suits. Wet suit booking before 20.10.2019, price is 20 €. Fishing trip price is 70 € / person ( transportatioin, kayaks, canoe, fishing equipments). Fishing license not included to the price. 

Both locations have campfire areas, where hikers and fishers can take a break and eat their snacks / make dishes.