Gift Cards

Gift cards for fishing trips, rentals and services. Choose from:

€50, €100, €200, €480, €580, €680 gift cards
Kayak rental for 4 hours 50 euros
A day at Musta Mäntyjärvi 1-4 persons €100
Guided fishing trip by motorboat 4 hours €480, 6 hours €580, 8 hours €680
Guided kayaking or kayak fishing trip 1-2 persons 4 hours €480
Guided kayaking or kayaking fishing trip to Musta Mäntyjärve 1-2 persons, 1 day €680

The excursions in the excursion calendar can be found in our shop. They will be updated there throughout the year as the tour dates are confirmed. Kayaking trips, kayak fishing trips, ice fishing trips will be offered. The duration of the tours is 4-8 hours, and there are differences in the services they include.

Didn’t find a suitable gift among the card options? Do you want a card for a larger amount? Do you want to add transportation, meals or even a tent sauna to the gift? If you succeed, pick up the phone and we’ll customize the gift card you like. 044-0101143

50,00 680,00 

Gift cards suitable for trips and rentals are available. The gift card can be used for products and services on the website, and it can also be used to pay for trips and rents at the Järven Taiga store in Joensuu shopping hall or the coffee shop at Eväsretket in Kolli.

A gift card designated  does not have to be used all at once. The card cannot be used for fuel expenses. We deliver the gift card by mail or you can pick it up at the Järven Taiga store in Joensuu. If requested separately, in urgent cases, we can also deliver the card electronically. In this case, write a request for an electronic gift card in the additional information field. The gift card is valid for one year from the time of purchase.

Activities, excursions and rentals that entitle you to a gift card should be booked well in advance. Reservations that go to the water always have a weather reservation, and if there is a threat of storm/thunder, it can always be moved.

If you don’t want to buy a gift card so that the amount of money is visible, write a request in the additional information field for what you want the gift card to be entitled to. For example, a 50-euro gift card can be requested to be named “Kayak rental for a day”, or a 100-euro gift card can be marked, for example, “Kayak rental for two days”

Didn’t find the gift card you like? If you want a card for a different amount or otherwise a more customized gift card, please contact us. Our contact information and products can be found on Kalastusretki’s website