Nature Paddling / kayak fishing on Mäntyjoki River

Mäntyjoki is a small river that flows from Musta Mäntyjärvi into Lake Suomujärvi in the Patvinsuo
National Park. The river meanders through peaceful forest and swamp areas. There are a few small
rapids and several ponds along the way. The total length of the route is about 17 km when paddled
straight ahead. If you wish, you can paddle the whole route or we can transport you and your kayak
to your destination on the river. The choice of paddling sections will be influenced by any paddling
obstacles on the river.
In May, we will map the situation of the fallen trees and the paddling conditions of the route for the
year 2023. We reserve the right to paddle only a part of the route due to the conditions.
The trip can be a fishing trip or just a canoeing trip.
The tour is not for sale online, but you can inquire about available times by calling 044-0101143.

You can enjoy the peace and quiet of nature on the Mäntyjoki River. Quiet forest areas, swamps
formed by beaver dams and small rapids create an atmosphere worth experiencing. The flowing
sections carry the kayak downstream by themselves. For anglers, the route offers unforgettable
experiences. Pike and perch in particular are abundant in the area and are usually easy to find in
small water. There are also some very large specimens swimming around. In addition to the fishing
fee, anglers must have a Metsähallitus South Finland permit to fish in the stream sites.
The destination is a great place for a full day trip and if the route is fully open, you can easily
paddle it in one day. If you are fishing, you can easily spend more time on the route.
You can paddle the route on your own or with a guide. See below for pricing:
Basic package:
● Price 132 €/person, minimum booking of 4 persons.
● Duration including transfers approx. 10 hours.
● Includes transfers from Joensuu, kayak rental, driver services (export, pick-up and possible
Additional services:
● Night at Musta Mäntyjärvi 25 € / person ( hut or tent accommodation)
● Meals during the trip 20 € / person (hot lunch or dinner)
● Breakfast 15 € / person
● Evening meal 15 € / person
● Overnight stay at Suomu Guide Centre in Patvinsuo from 120 € / 4 persons room
● Guide accompanying you on the kayaking trip + 180 € / day
● Fishing equipment 20 € / day
The excursion is not for sale online, but you can inquire about available times by calling 044-
The excursion is available from 15 May to 15 October


If the customer cancels the reservation made by the Kalastusretket online store (Matexpro Oy), we will use the additional conditions:

Cancellation 7 days before the start of the event: 50% of the agreed price will be charged.
Cancellation 2 days before the start of the event: 100% of the agreed price will be charged.

Registrations for activities and experiences are binding. Purchased services will only be reimbursed if the service is canceled or moved to another day by the organizer. The participation fee can be refunded if the customer has a medical certificate or similar certificate of insurmountable obstacle. Matexpro Oy is not responsible for a failed reservation, but the customer must immediately contact the merchant to correct it.