Snow Shoes trips for two

Surprise your friends with a joint snowshoe trip! The trip is carried out under the guidance of a guide with the group. You ride from Kauppahalli to the terrains of Kuhasalo, where you wear shoes at a leisurely pace for a 2-2.5 km run in the forests of Kuhasalo and possibly on ice.


Snowshoe trip to Joensuu's nearby nature, to Kuhasalo, a 
popularhiking spot for the townspeople. Kuhasalo is an area at 
the mouth of the Pielisjoki River with an old forest, nature 
trails and campfire sites. In the past, there was also an 
Orthodox monastery in the area. Kuhasalo has a wonderful view 
of Saimaa. Weather permitting, part of 
the journey can be done on the ice of Saimaa.
The price of the excursion includes: 
- transportation from the center of Joensuu from Kauppahalli
- snowshoeing under the guidance of a guide with the group
- snowshoe and pole rentals

The ride start from the Kauppahalli Joensuu Järven Taiga store
 at Kauppatori 2, at 9:00 a.m. and back at the Kauppahalli at 
around 4:00 p.m. The total duration of the trip is 2h 30 min - 
3 h. It is recommended to bring warm clothing suitable for the 
weather and shoes with high heels. You can also bring snacks, 
such as a thermally warm drink and snacks. During the trip, we 
stop for a short break about halfway through the trip.

A trip for you and a friend now for 80 euros.

If the trip is cancelled, the booking fee will not be refunded.
 The final payment is made at the Järven Taiga store in the 
Kauppahalli before departure.