Symphony of flavors – Wine tasting in Café Eväsretket 31.7. or 1.8.

Awaken the artist in you, inspired by the landscapes of Koli, good wine and delicious flavor pairings!

Café Eväsretket, in cooperation with Chateau Carsin, organizes a tasting session of wines and Finnish natural products.

Jasu Sohlberg of Carsin & Friends and the creator of the tasting portions, Matti Pasanen of Café Eväsretket, tell stories about Koli, Sibelius, natural ingredients and, of course, wines

Registration is open in our online store, in Kahvila Eväsretki and in the Järven Taiga store in Joensuu’s shopping hall!

Price: €75 / person or €140 / 2 people

75,00 140,00 

Tasting wines (8 cl annos) with their flavor pairings:

Jean Sibelius Champagne

 Whitefish – organic rye tartlet

Chateau Carsin Sauvignon Gris 2021

Pike terrine, wild herbs

Chateau Carsin Cuvée Noire 2018

Forest mushroom risotto

Chateau Carsin Cadillac 2015

Cheese platter, cloudberry jam, spruce sprout syrup


Non-alcoholic option:

Assortment of flavored berry coctails