Lake Fish Delicacies and Peaceful Yoga

Let us arrange your group a comprehensively nourishing evening where the flavors of nature and yoga meet.

The evening at the nature center Ukko starts with restorative yoga. We are surrounded by the peaks of Koli, the darkness of midwinter and the art of the nature center, and we get to enjoy peace among ourselves.

In yoga, we alternate with gentle movement and lingering poses. We let go of tension and stop in the middle of a beautiful soundscape for deep relaxation. With body and mind relaxed, we go to enjoy the natural flavor scenery by the lake fish buffet. We can raise a toast and celebrate a magical evening.

Price: 78€  per person, ask an offer for your group!

The private event includes: guided yoga (90 minutes) and a cold lake fish buffet from the take-out table at the nature center Ukko on Koli.  The package is offered for groups at the nature center Ukko from 18:00 to 21:00 (minimum 10 people, duration 3 hours).

Price: 78€  per person, ask an offer for your group!

Beverage packages are not included in the price, if you wish, you can also book beverage packages: 27 e/ person/ more information below.

More information:


Suitable for all levels, you don’t need previous experience in yoga. We approach exercise from the inside – listening to and respecting your own body. The yoga poses and breathing exercises performed during the class can also be easily applied to your everyday life to bring more peace and presence.

-Cold lake fish buffet-


4-course lake fish assortment

Salads, pickled vegetables

Vatruska, bread from our own kitchen, spreads

Cooked potatoes


Pannacotta, berries, jams and/or preserves


Coffee from a local roastery


You can also order a drink package:

Welcome drink: “Steeled” mulled wine / non-alcoholic mulled wine

As a food drink: 2 pours (2 x 16 cl) of white or red wine / non-alcoholic flavored berry cocktail.


Price €27 / person

In addition, you can buy e.g. beer, wines and soft drinks.