Half Day Trips

Services included in the price: Customer transportation door to kayak, kayak/canoe/boat transportations, route and fishing guidance.  Paddling takes place without a guide unless otherwise stated in the  information. Usually a guide to moving the car to the next place when customers paddle.

Fishing license not included, all fishers must buy fishing license themselfs. If you need help, please make contact.

Take your own snacks or ask a snack as an additional service.


1- 2 pers.  450 €  (225 € / 1 pers. 450 e is minium price)

3 pers. 525 € ( 175 € /1  pers.)                                                            

4 pers. 600 € ( 150 € / 1 pers.)

5 pers. 675 € ( 135 € / 1. pers.) )


Venturi its pike fishers dream destination in Lake Saimaa. There is lot off places try to catch pikes in lake, and there you can try also some litele creeks and bonds.  In Venturi you see also big lake, and when lake is calm, you can try fishing far on the lake. If you are lucy, you can caths there lot of pikes, perch and zanders. If its windy day, you cant go to lakeside. There is fireplace in one litle island, where you can eat your snacks.  Here you can fishing from kayaks. Try spinning, jigging and flyfishing. Fishers can fishing here with themselfs, but this is place where guide can paddling also with you if you like it.


Kangasvesi is a reservoir in Pielisjoki river. Kuurna its aname  of rapid, now days there only damn.  River is still flowing from Kangasvesi to Kuurna, so that trip is easy to paddling. Direct route is 7 km, but in zigzag way the distance is more than 10 km. 

Fishes what you can catch here are pike, perch, zander and rainbowtrout. In calm weather can fishing first in Kangasvesi  and after that move down to the river and experience all best fishing spots in the river. 

Kangasvesi is area, where pikes, perch and zanders spawn. There is change for a big fish. Somedays best area is Kangasvesi, somedays river.

There is also possible catch trout , salmon or grayling. We dont fishing these and if you catch it, you also must to released.