Picnics to Nature

In our range, we ai, to serve excursion participants with taste experiences available in Finnish nature. We mainly utilise forest ingredients, such as berries and mushrooms, lake fish and provincial vegetables. We prefer products from small Finnish producers.  Our menus vary according to the season and harvest periods. The selection includes “Light snacks”, in which you can choose cold snacks for the group, such as salads and French bread, a light dip meal or filled baguettes.

For some excursions, choosing a heartier “Menu” consisting of several courses, such as cold starters, a warm main dish, and a dessert, is also possible. When offering campfire foods, we reserve the right to make changes to the menu due to forest fire warnings.  One menu is prepared for each excursion with consideration towards any special diets.

Pamilo circle route. On the outskirts of Joensuu, you can find Finland’s oldest river, where the grand Pamilo rapids once pounded. Since the river was built, the most incredible pounding has gone, but you can still see the great force of Pamilo in the channel. The forests and rock areas that surround Pamilo will enchant visitors. Many Finnish films have been shot here. We arrange transportation to Pamilo, where you can hike along marked routes and at the end of the hike, you can convene for a shared meal at the Pamilokoski rest area. Duration 5 hours. The minimum number of participants is 4 people.


Picnic to Island on Lake Pielinen.  This trip brings you by boat  from Koli harbour to the enchanting sandy isles of Lake Pielinen. We prepare our luch snacks on open fire on the isle. You can enjoy refreshing swimming on the shore.Max. 4 persons/trip. Prices include transportations from Koli to the harbour and isle, insurances, food and guide services. Departure from Koli. (Weather warning! Thunder, hard wind and heavy rain)


This picnic is carried out in canoes, in the home sceneries of the ringed seal. The excursion heads to the northernmost national park of Northern Karelia. In addition to snacks, you can enjoy grand rock areas, rock paintings, and, if you are lucky, even the company of a Saimaa ringed seal. At the rest area, we enjoy some snacks; we do not take equipment for preparing food on canoe excursions. Duration approx. 6 h, the minimum number of participants is 4 people, max. 8 people.