Multi day trips

Contact us and ask and we will build you an unforgettable nature holiday! For your wishes, we make multi-day excursions by appointment. Accommodations can at their cheapest be in our own tents, we can rent tents or hammocks and sleeping bags. Through us, you can also book cottages, wilderness cabins or modern villas. There are several hostels, barn accommodation in the Koli area and excursions are also possible with us from the hotel. Excursions can include transportations, guide services, and meals of the day.

Below are a few examples.

Sunny day in lake Musta Mäntyjarvi

Musta Mäntyjärvi 2 nights

The excursion includes kayak fishing, berry picking, sauna, camping

Accommodation in a tent, hammock, wilderness cabin, cottage or hostel. Transportations for indoor accommodation.

Tent accomodation
Lake Pielinen as seen from National Park Ko

Fishing trip to Lake Pielinen

How about a multi-day cottage holiday on the shores of Lake Pielinen? Every day includes a fishing trips for Pielinen by boat, paddle or ice fishing in winter. Pielinen has a selection of cottages, so if you book in time, you will definitely find a cottage of your choice.

Small cottage near by lake Pielinen

Canoeing adventure with overnight stays

A canoeing adventure in Ilomantsi, along a wilderness river behind Patvinsuo national park, ending in Koitere.The river is calm and easy to canoe along, suitable for first-timers. A few rapids along the way can be descended in a kayak, or the kayak can be pulled along the shores with a string. The species to be caught are pike and perch, and pike-perch at the end of Koitere.

1st day Departure from Joensuu, from where shared transportation to the river. We pack the excursion equipment in the kayaks at the river and set off on the selected canoeing or fishing excursion. We are accompanied by a driver, transporting the snacks, clothing, and night-time equipment to our first campsite. The canoeing route is approximately 20 km, and the first night is already spent halfway along the route. We will stay the night in a tent, which has already been set up at our campsite. The tent has mattresses and a heating stove, participants take their own sleeping bags.

2nd day.  Canoeing continues from the campsite towards Koitere. Canoeing is carried out at a calm pace so that there is time for fishing and nature observation. At the end of the day, we arrive in Koitere, where we come to shore at Ertonniemi. Transportation from Ertonniemi to Musta Mäntyjärvi, where we enjoy dinner, a tent sauna and accommodation in a tent/hut. After the 3rd day’s breakfast, we pack up and return to Joensuu.

Tours to North

Our guide has more than 30 years of experience fishing in northern Sweden and Norway. The destinations are Lainio, Kiruna and Arjeplog in Sweden and Finnmark, Lyngen, Saltstraumen and Senja in Norway. Inland and sea fishing.

Inland destinations in both Norway and Sweden, depending on the destination, can target trout, salmon, grayling, white fish and arctic char.

Fishing takes place from the beach or from kayaks, depending on the destination. Some of the sites are only for fly fishing, some other lure fishing is also allowed. There are also pike and perch fishing grounds.

There are more fish species in sea fishing. Mainly caught fishes are cod, pollock, mackerel, atlantic catfish and halibut. Sea fishing can be done from shore, but it is most rewarding with a motorboat, from which fishing is mainly by towing and casting, depending on the target species. Trolling is also a form of fishing that works in certain places.

In these tours (Norway and Sweden) our company is only tour operator. If you need fishing guide, we can ask it in destination.