A Short Four Hours Berry and Mushroom Picking Trip 8.10.2022

Mushroom and berry picking trip near by Joensuu area. Trip start from Kalastusretket storage in Hasaniemi at 10:00 am. Trip included transportations, guide services. Bring your own snacks.

Total price 52 €

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Mushroom and berry picking trip near the Joensuu city area. The trip starts from Kalastusretket warehouse in Hasaniemi at 10:00 am. The trip includes transportiton and guidance services. You should bring your own food and snacks.

Weather reservation. If the weather is bad, the operator has the right to cancel the trip and the money will be returned.


You can plan your trip the way you want. We offer plans and organized trips and activities but it is possible to mix them and create an individual and personal trip. The activities that we offer are as follows: fishing trips, kayaking trips, hiking, picnic in nature, and berry and mushrooms picking.



Prices for  half-day trips are €52. Booking fee is €10. Pay the reservation fee in the online store and the final payment to the driver when you are leaving for the trip. The trip organizer reserves the right to cancel the trip due to bad weather. In that case the booking fee will be returned to the customer. If the person who paid the trip reservation fee cancels the reservation or does not arrive for the trip, the reservation fee will not be refunded. The reserved trip can be transferred to someone else’s name.

Do you already have your own group of friends? Then you can ask for a group trip and ask about possible days for your group. The minimum number of the people participating in the groups are 4 and the maximum is 8 persons.

If you have any questions, you can reach us by calling or sending a message to this number: +358 44 010 11 43