Berry and Mushroom Picking

The harvest period of natural gathering products continues from May late into autumn. The harvest varies annually, and it is impossible to tell in advance the yield for a specific natural product. But, every summer, there is something to gather.

Early summer is the time of false morels. Chanterelles, boletes, and many other mushrooms begin to emerge from midsummer onwards.  Mushrooms grow throughout the summer and autumn, and the last yellowfoot mushrooms are gathered until the first frost. The berry-gathering period starts with blueberries. Wild strawberries and Arctic brambles can be found for tasting, but in July, the cloudberry that matures in the wetlands may even produce large amounts of berries during some summers. The lingonberry harvest starts in August, and the late autumn is the harvest period for the cranberry.

We mainly carry out gathering excursions to Musta Mäntyjärvi, but sometimes other sites are also offered. We move around nature together during excursions, gather berries and mushrooms, and prepare a meal together at the campfire using nature’s ingredients. The group can consist of up to 8 people.